Rat Control Services in Kenya

Professional rat control services is the quickest way to eradicate rodents, as they’re instinctive and often sense when measures, like traps and bait, are implemented. Bestcare Pest Control offer rat control services throughout Nairobi Kenya at affordable costs..

Rats can pose severe health risks, spreading sickness and parasites through their droppings, urine and hair. They also have a nasty bite, so if you see one, steer clear and call in professionals.

Surveys: Our technician surveys reveal areas of activity and potential rat access points.

Rat Control Services offered at Bestcare Control Services through different methods includes, Control and Eradication: We use various targeted, professional eradication techniques, including physical and stick pad trapping; the latest grain, wheat and pasta baits; and contact poisons.

Proofing: We will block off rodent access points, often found around pipes, air vents and other holes. Materials, such as wire-wool, mesh, specialist concrete fillers and sealants, are used to prevent the problem recurring in the foreseeable future. Our rat control & eradication guides.

Bestcare Rat Control Services Nairobi Kenya

How to identify a rat problem in the house

Rat infestations are a problem because these carry a number of diseases that can cause serious illnesses in humans and even death. They can also cause damage to structures and wiring.

  • If you think you’ve got a rat problem, take a look round your premises for entrance points outside. You might also find large droppings, evidence of damage or footprints.
  • It is also advisable to check any garden areas. Underneath garden sheds is a common home for rats as they like the quiet seclusion. In domestic environments rats like to live in or near compost bins as people often throw away half-eaten fresh fruit.
  • If you think rats are getting into your premises, you will need to look for broken air bricks, large gaps underneath doors and around door frames. Drains also need checking to make sure they have ‘interceptors’ fitted which stop rats entering premises through the drains.
  • If you’ve got a basement, check it because it’s often an area that is quiet and undisturbed and that’s where you’ll often find rats enjoying your hospitality. Rat problems are common in properties that are terraced – they may be coming into a house three or four doors down and then travel along into yours.

Immediately contact a company that offers rat control services for easy extermination of rats. This will aid in preventing the spread of rats in your compound.


Bestcare Rat Control Services Nairobi Kenya

How to get rid of rats easily

Rats are a pest that in a domestic or commercial environment needs to be controlled. The presence of rats will be off-putting to your customers as well as causing a health hazard to customers and staff. Not to mention the risk of fines.

The best way to deal with rats is by poisoning and/or trapping. We don’t recommend that you try this yourself as the exact type and amount of bait needs to be carefully assessed by experts in rats control services. There is also a risk of unintentionally poisoning wildlife, which a professional pest controller will ensure does not happen.

If you discover rats on your premises, avoid touching rat droppings or areas that may be contaminated and call our specialist rat control services. Our pest control experts will devise the right strategy for your premises to make sure treatments are effective and safe.