Bees Control Services in Kenya

Looking for Bees Control services in Kenya? In most cases, it’s best to avoid disturbing bees and wasps entirely. However, when their nests are in high-traffic areas, bees and wasps are more likely to perceive a threat and defend their nest at all costs. Additionally, in the late summer months some bees and wasps become more aggressive in seeking out food like sugar and fruit, which can bring them into contact with you and your family. If you decide to use pesticide or chemical sprays, keep in mind they can be extremely poisonous and should never be used indoors or near other people.

Bestcare pest control will safely and carefully eliminate bees or wasps and their nests from your home or property. Exposed nests may be removed on the day of service, depending on the activity and size of nest. In other cases, we’ll come back on a day when it is safer to remove the nests. We will also create a full report describing the treatment and how you can protect your home from further infestation.

Bestcare Bees Control Services in Nairobi Kenya

Fun Facts about bees

If you are in close proximity to the nest or swarm then you are likely to be seen as a threat and stings can be expected. We recommend you to hire bees control service company for extermination as early as possible. So when they decide to swarm or nest in your cavity walls, bushes and roof soffits it really is a good idea to call the professionals and have the bee nest removal carried out. This is where Bestcare Pest Control come in. There are many different species, and misconceptions associated with bees.

Firstly not all of them are protected, only honey bees are protected, and even so, if they are proving to be a risk to health, i.e. in the home or office, they must then be either removed, or if access is difficult they will need to be exterminated. Bestcare Pest Control will always attempt to re-home swarms and remove bumble bee nests without harming the insect, however this is not always possible.


Bees Control Services Nairobi Kenya

Types of bees and wasps found in Kenya

Bees can be left alone most of the time. Wasps, on the other hand, are a unique case. Stinging insects such as wasps are also found in Kenya. They are solitary or sociable insects, similar to bees. In Nairobi, the following are the ones that are most commonly seen around homes and buildings:

  • Yellowjacket – wasps are similar to bees in that they have yellow and black stripes, however they are longer, thinner, and lack hair. Their nests have the potential to be quite large and they are manly located on elevated parts of your home.
  • Paper Wasps — Their unusual nests, which hang from branches, ceilings, and eaves, give them their name. They are made of a grey, paper-like material and feature a single layer of comb with hundreds of cells. Paper wasps are dark brown with yellow stripes, but the orange dots on their antenna and longer bodies separate them from yellowjackets.
  • Bald-Faced Hornets = are black and white wasps that are larger than other area wasps. They build their nests high in the trees, sometimes as high as 60 feet, and continue to expand them throughout the summer. The nest is made of a paper-like material and is fashioned like a football. These wasps are vicious and have a nasty sting therefore it is advisable to hire a company that offer bees control services in Kenya.

Bee Sting Allergies

If you have any signs of a severe reaction to a bee sting, get emergency help through contacting experts that deal with bees control services. You may be experiencing anaphylactic shock, a life-threatening allergic reaction. To reduce the dangers of bee sting hire a company that can offer bees control services. Here are some of the effects of bee and wasps stings;

  • You may experience temporary sharp pain, swelling, redness, warmth, and itching at the sting site, but no serious complications.
  • If you’re allergic to bees, or you get stung multiple times, bee stings can be more problematic. They can even be life-threatening. When a honeybee stings you, its stinger is released into your skin. This ultimately kills the honeybee.

Bestcare Bees Control Services in Nairobi Kenya

  • Honeybees are the only type of bee that die after they sting. Wasps and other species don’t lose their stingers. They may sting you more than once.
  • If a bee stings you, it leaves a behind a venomous toxin that can cause pain and other symptoms. Some people are allergic to this toxin.
  • Mild allergic reactions may cause extreme redness and increased swelling at the sting site.

Most home treatments for bee sting symptoms aren’t supported by scientific research. Yet they’ve been passed down for generations. These home remedies may help relieve bee sting symptoms easily. It is not advisable to to handle the bees, you put yourself at a risk. Bestcare Pest Control Services is ready to offer their bees control services in Nairobi. We have all the equipment to handle the bees safely